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Hi, I’m Katie Kishore - former UVA soccer and basketball player, future captain of Kindness Cafe + Play and proud mama of these sweet munchkins.

Kindness Cafe + Play will be the friendliest coffee shop in Charlottesville.  At Kindness people with and without disabilities will interact as peers. It will challenge our perceptions, inspire us as individuals and transform our community.


I’m creating Kindness
for Mira.

She’s 7 — loves art, riding her bike and playing with friends. I want her (and all kids!) to grow up knowing that everyone has talents to share and that her greatest gifts are not necessarily the ones that will be measured on a test, a court or a field.

I’m creating Kindness
for Kiran, too.

She’s 5 — loves reading, swimming, and playing with friends.  I want her (and all kids!) to see adults with disabilities engaged in meaningful work and contributing to our community.  


Kindness is coming to Charlottesville this fall. And we need YOUR support!  

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The Kindness Mission

To provide meaningful employment for adults with cognitive disabilities while creating a joyful, inclusive community space.

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